Workflow Commander Standard Edition

To get a full set of benefits and features of Workflow Commander that make you more efficient and organized, get the Standard Edition.

To purchase a license for the Standard Edition, please send an equiry through our Contact Form.

Workflow Commander Lite Edition

The Lite Edition can be run on all major OSes. It can be run with no time limits and no restrictions. It has the basic features that you need to use it today and experience the benefits.

Lite Edition Instructions

Download and Run

  • Mac OS X:
    • Download: wfcommander-lite-macosx.jar
    • Run client: java -XstartOnFirstThread -jar wfcommander-lite-macosx.jar
    • Run server: java -jar wfcommander-lite-macosx.jar -S
  • Linux (GTK):
    • Download: wfcommander-lite-linux.jar
    • Run client: java -jar wfcommander-lite-linux.jar
    • Run server: java -jar wfcommander-lite-linux.jar -S
  • Windows :
    • Download: wfcommander-lite-windows.jar
    • Run client: java -jar wfcommander-lite-windows.jar
    • Run server: java -jar wfcommander-lite-windows.jar -S

Requirements (Many come standard on most compute servers)

For client and server processes:
  • Java: Standard (Oracle) Java SE v 6 or higher
For the server process:
  • OS: Linux or Mac OS X
  • Sun Grid Engine / Open Grid Scheduler
  • bash shell interpreter
  • SSH server with public key authentication and port forwarding enabled
For the client process:
  • OS: Either Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux (with GTK)
  • SSH client, and a user's authentiation should be 'silent' (ex: public key authentication)

Feature Comparison Matrix

Standard Edition
Lite Edition
visual representation of workflows
real-time status updates
no installation required
load and save workflows with/without run status info
client-server connection through SSH
refreshes after dropped connections
pre-defined workflows accessible
can run unlimited number of server processes
export workflow graph image to SVG
ability to edit workflows visually
priority for feature requests
prompt support for technical and other issues
license required to run client process?