Workflow Commander

Handle workflows naturally by handling them visually.

Save your code for something special.

In order to get massive amounts of work done on compute clusters, you analyze code and run programs constantly. Having to do the same through the Grid Engine scheduler just to keep data flowing is a distraction. Leave the tedious task of monitoring workflows to Workflow Commander, and use that precious programmer time towards interesting analysis work.

A picture == 1000 words.

A flowchart is useful when understanding large systems in a simple way. So for complex work on a compute cluster, why not use flow diagrams? Once you monitor the entire workflow status with just a glance, the old way will seem like the hard way.

No installation, no problem.

Does your sysadmin object to installing messy programs, or any programs? Workflow Commander keeps your data organized, has no installation process, and it can be run without superuser privileges on the server. Keep things moving along without fighting with software or sysadmin rules.

Reclaim time and get more done.

Workflow Commander has many more features to save you time, make you more efficient, and keep you organized. You can see what we mean by giving the Lite Edition a whirl -- no limits or strings attached. Use your extra time to do more of what you do, and get rewarded for it.